Julia For Vermillion City Council

Vote June 7th

Early Voting starts April 22nd

Registration ends May 23rd

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Hi, I'm Julia!

I've been interested in politics and community building most of my life, but I never thought I would be *in* politics. I have been a student and then an educator of politics, I've supported political campaigns, and I have even co-founded a training program for women who wanted to run for public office...and still, I thought I'd never be *in* politics...until I was asked. In 2018, shortly after my daughter was born I decided if not me, then who? and decided to take the leap and run for Vermillion City Council in the Northeast ward.

These have been some of the most rewarding years and moments of my life. Serving the people of Vermillion on everything from the mundane to the important has been my pleasure and honor. In these last four years, we have made substantial progress in sustainability, community-building, and development. We have supported both economic and social development programs, we have made great strides in zoning and housing, we have transformed our downtown, and we have done much of it while keeping our community safe through a pandemic. I'm proud of the work my colleagues and I have done and ask for your vote to keep doing the work!

My Platform


I've supported manageable growth and focused on sustainable solutions for the economy, society, and the environment. Some key accomplishments include improvements at our recycling center, hired sustainability interns, built electric vehicle charging stations, and expanded our recycling


Vermillion is a vibrant cultural hub in South Dakota, and I will continue to support the arts and tourism programming like the National Music Museum, the Vermillion Cultural Association, Shakespeare Festival, and Ribs, Rods, and Rock n Roll


I've worked hard to push for "little a" affordable housing. Housing for students, service workers, first-time home buyers, and young families. We have made improvements in building quality apartments and townhomes, and we continue to see developments that prioritize affordability and quality of life

My Experience


I'm a professor of Political Science at USD. I teach courses in American Government focusing on representation and civic engagement. My students have engaged in over 50 different projects over the years to make impactful change in our community, including fundraising for the humane society, building a new website for DVSOS, creating public awareness for food insecurity and the Vermillion Human Relations Commission, proclaimed a plastic straw ban, and brought food, music, and a seed exchange to the Vermillion Area Farmers Market


As a mom, I run this campaign not only for my children but because of my children. Vermillion is a great place to be a kid. Through my children, I have learned to manage difficult situations, time constraints, and budget constraints. I've become quite adept at multi-tasking. Moms get the job done. We are consensus builders and we are solution-driven, and we always have a list of what needs to get done!

community member

I love Vermillion. When I first moved here, I asked what set Vermillion apart, I was told it was the civic engagement and community. Years later, this is still so very true. Vermillion is special because the people here care. I have been involved in everything from "cookbook club" to "board game club," I have talked about civic engagement and politics at the library and the McVicker Plaza. I've met with constituents at the Bean and shared meals in Prentis. I am a Vermillion community member!

Voter Information

If you live in the turquoise area in the north east part of town, you're in my district!
As a reminder:

Election day is: June 7th (Armory)

Early Voting starts: April 22nd (County Courthouse)

Registration ends: May 23rd (County Courthouse)

Thank you for your support!